The success of any e-commerce website partly depends on product photography. However, most business owners don’t take this seriously. They simply underestimate the power of visuals when creating an e-commerce website. They employ poor strategies shooting product photos. If you’ve just built an e-commerce site with a free website builder, here are tips to help you succeed with your product photography:

High-resolution photos enhance your best free online store

When you display low-quality photos on your free online store, customers will immediately conclude that your products are no different. That’s why you have to take your product photography seriously. When taking product photos, take them from the right angles. An expert photographer knows how to do this to get the best outcome. Also, take clear photos. Deformed and blurred photos will not do you any favors when looking to succeed in e-commerce.  That’s why you need to invest in digital photography.

Prepare the product photos before you post them one your best free online store

Achieving outstanding product photos for your e-commerce website requires preparation of the real product. It is essential to remove marks, strings, and labels before shooting product photos. Product preparation can save you time during the final editing.

Your best free online store should show products from different angles

Customers are not able to see products for real when buying through an e-commerce website. However, showcasing different angles of the products can bring this personalized feeling to life. For example, when promoting a new Smartphone, you need to display the back to show the model and camera pixel, its sides to conceal position of the buttons and bottom-up to show the speaker, charging and headphone jacks.

Showcase the product application on your best free online store

Prospective customers always want to see how a product they intend to buy works. For example, a picture of a lawn mower will not send the right message to buyers. However, a picture of someone next to it, either charging it or utilizing it will do so. The customers can get an almost real depiction of how the product works.


High-quality product photography can be a game changer for your e-commerce website. It’s a good idea to illustrate how the products are used in your photos to draw customers’ attention to them. Product photography plays a big part in increasing an e-commerce website’s sales. So make sure you are taking high-resolution product photos and in the right way.