SITE123 is among the best free e-commerce website builders out there. It located in Los Angeles, California. It allows you to create your e-commerce website without web design skills and coding knowledge. The following characteristics define SITE123 free e-commerce website builder:

SITE123 online store builder free comes with a responsive design

SITE123 free e-commerce website builder has a responsive design. Meaning your customers will be able to view your content using just about any device, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Plus, they can view your e-commerce website in the comfort of their homes.

SITE123 free e-commerce website builder is optimized for SEO

SiTE123 free e-commerce website builder comes already optimized for SEO, which means you won’t apply a lot of on-site SEO techniques to rank high on search engines. It also comes with a range of SEO tools to boost your site’s SEO functionality.

SITE123 free e-commerce website templates come with 24/7 customer service and support

Customer service and support services make e-commerce websites reliable. This allows customers to air their grievances in case they experience a glitch swiftly. Some of the main support systems offered by SITE123 include phone support, email support, and live chat.

SITE123 online store builder free can host multiple websites

SITE123 has unlimited capacity. You can host as many e-commerce websites as you can. It capacity means you can create robust e-commerce websites that can host many images, audios, and videos.

SITE123 free e-commerce website builder comes with excellent web design capabilities.

It comes with a huge array of templates with great designs. Eye-catching template designs easily lure viewers into your e-commerce website.  It also comes with design tools that enable you to edit and customize your web template to suit your customers’ needs.

SITE123 online store builder free comes with a wide range of fonts to choose from

Fonts enhance the aesthetic value of your e-commerce website. Always choose a font that is eye-catching to entice more customers to read your content. 

The free e-commerce website builder is integrated with social media

Almost all modern e-commerce websites are integrated with social networks. Since many people hang out on social media these days, it’s a great platform to get new customers to your e-commerce website. Luckily, SITE123 comes already integrated with social media to allow you to share your content on those platforms.

SITE123 free e-commerce website builder comes with optimum security

Security is vital when running an e-commerce website. SITE123 ensures that by limiting access to the platform. Essentially, customers are given a secret code once they submit their details. Such restrictions protect your e-commerce website from cyber-attack.

The free e-commerce website builder comes with an email for your marketing campaigns.

You can send your newsletters through your email. SITE123 is also wrapped up with mailing list tool to harness customers’ emails and use them for marketing.